It may also corrupt a Microdrive.. The CompactDrive seems to be a far better option. Those batteries are told to provide 1. A voltage regulator was not included as the operating voltages of 4 pieces of AA batteries exist between the operating voltage of the hard disk. This Item does not automatically switch off at the end of the backup. But I think multimedia devices are going to be much cheaper in very near future and, in addition, their performance must be improved drastically. Accessing the power switch when the USB cable is connected is not user friendly.

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Nevertheless, I still like the idea of having the device run on 4 xAA batt and the blazing fast transfer speed: Media New media New comments Search media. The only file that could be opened is the first shot of each series I took. I hope that the fluctuating voltage would not hurt the HDD of the memory cards that I am going to plug in.

I’m quite sure he will bring the drive back to Eastgear. Can others edit my Photos: Compactdtive, it can be problematic to use it in wild conditions far from civilization.

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The attached file PDF was full of asian characters; this is what I could make of it: All the files are transferred 1’51”: You can find the following at an Official CompactDrive site http: We just got word from the manufacturer. I got an error 06 after 8 Raw files 46MB. Could not stop a running backup. The manufacturer has always listened to end users feedback and kept in close contact with our distributors. There is enough space to put such cable compacydrive.

Just spoke with the cimpactdrive. I want to have an ability to backup my CompactFlash cards especially now, when I? So, I have a few days to play with it before I leave.

CompactDrive PD7X

The brushed aluminium case looks very good to me Plastics on pd7d sides are not very well finished but feel solid. Do you have any info on this?

But I must give credit to the Super Fast ransfer speed! Here what he told me, I think it’s clear enough Useful Searches Useful Searches. Hopefully with the diagnostics done, Eastgear can shed light to this peculiar problem.

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Build quality is a bit shabby, but functionally it does everything its supposed to very well. My CF was not full, maybe about MB of data inside. Nov 8, 6. Mar 9, Messages: Good looking and quite solid Aluminium case. A link to a review with some critical points: East gear, is there anyway to save the corrupted files? Your user name or email address: X’s Drive Comppactdrive II.

Like to add; Does the Compact Drive only accept mA batt? Hi all, I clearly understand and respect the terms and conditions of a forum.