The right side of the Sony Ericsson K hosts the camera shutter key which is styled in the way the keypad keys are and bulges slightly so it is easier to press and use. Threaded Chronological Newest first Always view all comments Save. It has a lot of options – you can view the pages fullscreen with no menus showing and you can even browse your Web pages in landscape mode. There is also a possibility to view your own image mirror-like, meaning that the image gets reversed and looks as if you are staring at yourself in a mirror. Is 5G safe or dangerous?

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Kashoo Online account service Kashoo’s strengths are income- and expense-management, usability, and support. In February Sony Ericsson announced several new mobiles as an addition to their product line.

The Windows 8 Start key provides an easy way to get back to your start screen. Best Android phone Allow 3 hours for a full charge. Sony Ericsson has also filled out the lower end of its product range recently.

Sony Ericsson K review – tests

Comments 77 User reviews K By using this site, k8100 agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As we said earlier in the review, the K isn’t going to win any awards for breaking the mould, this is an update and a refinement of styling rather than a camerx that is going to get you wanting to upgrade from your K A design change seems to have put a stop to this and in our quick test of putting it in and then pulling it out of our pocket, the cover stayed shut.

When it comes to cameraphones, the words K Cyber-shot always seem to come to mind. Presenters Spotlight All Presenters.

It has WAP and picture modes. The Sony Ericsson K though is entirely a different story. The phone is also equipped with a VGA video call camera. Above it there is the secondary VGA camera, the in-call speaker and two multimedia shortcut keys.

Sony Ericsson K810 Review

It feels nice when held in hand and fits perfectly in your palm. Next to it is the Infrared port and in the upper part of the right side we find the volume keys which can be used for zooming when taking or browsing pictures. You can also camrra digitally your image at a 2x degree or choose to replace your live video feed with a picture of your taste. Here are the facts.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t test the phone’s battery life since we used it heavily during our tests and thus the battery life we experienced was not indicative for the real-life performance of the phone. Most recent hi-end phones support A2DP and as we saw at the 3GSM Congress held in Barcelona this February, the stereo Bluetooth functionality both in handsets and j810 headsets will become more wide spread than ever.

Now they even have blue icons marking their functions. Apple iPhone XS Max review.

Sony Ericsson at 3GSM

These “J-series” phones are simple talk-and-text phones. Best Android photo and video apps. Sony Ericsson K keypad.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sony Ericsson claims that the camera module and the software in the new K model is exactly the same as in the older K model, which we got to know well from our shootouts. System Requirements Works with: The camera interface is turned on in about 4 seconds and then you are ready to take pictures.

While those upgrades don’t seem much on paper, we are prepared to see whether the K really makes it worthwhile to dump your current K and go get a cmera on the latest Sony Ericsson top-of-the-line cameraphone. The other party’s video feed is viewed in a large frame in the middle of the screen while you view your own image in a small frame in the lower left corner.

Some camera menu options. Scrolling is fast once the page has loaded completely.