The PSU is not to blame that a driver can not be installed into a system! I am still convinced that her PSU is fully enough for her system. Well, we will probably never know what the solution was. We can only hand out tools to find it, we can’t give working solutions. But I only respond on issues that I know about and they are a lot when someone declaires a problem, do not throw your standard reply, Blame the PSU.

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This guy seems to think we have a crystal ball that shows solutions whenever we look into it. Intermittant is tough to figure out.

The problem was the motherboard! I had the exact same problem 3 months ago, where i fixed it or i thought so by updating the BIOS Before updating BIOS i tried a pci-e vga cause the monitor was attached to the onboard vga.

Home Help Search Login Register. We suggest a PSU up to about Bas’ specs below. If the PSU is to weak then her system should be unstable and causing craches not related to driver issues.

She then inserted the installation disc for the GeCube. Once again back to her home. I bet it works fine then. The driver from the disc was installed successfully and the Vista system run fine. The system crached when trying to install the driver for the grafic board, HDPro!

K9AGM3-F (MS), ATI HD and Vista problem

Well, we will probably never know what the solution was. In that case, I doubt he k9xgm3 be in here again, because he won’t be able to No beep means the CPU doesn’t start for some reason. Use the onboard, as that has been known to work. Change that first and come back later Now I have posted another question, a driver can not be installed running Vista.

Sonud might try her PSU in your system. Does it work in XP? Mabye it is the on board VGA that causes the fault, even when it is “disconnected”. Well, that’s just a fine idea Do you have another PSU that you could try?

I hope I can still sleep It also works if the XP driver is installed in Vista but then the Aero function of Vista does not work.

MSI K9AGM3-F – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM2 – AMD V Overview – CNET

Do not use what Windows might suggest!! If the CPU was able to start but the memory is bad, it will give a series of beeps sounding like memory-error My girlfriend has built her self a new PC. Once again when the OS was installed it crashed mso soon as the driver for the board should be installed. She rebooted the PC again and when starting up Msk found new hardware and tried to install driver but failed.

We then made a clean installation of Vista Ultimate on my system, with her GeCube installed. I have spent 6 hours this evening, looking for the root to the cause.

MSI K9AGM3-F – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM2 – AMD 690V

I borrowed the 80GB drive, installed into my system, made a clean Vista installation on the drive and did only install the driver for HD If you had an open mind, if you would like to try to help, I am a member on another site and I am supporting others when they have problems.

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Trouble shooting is testing against better parts to find the problem.